Buying Cycle

In today's world, whether in local Utah or across the globe, when the word 'organic' is mentioned, people tend to think about food. The idea of organic products has integrated everything from clothing to utensils and now it has made its way into SEO strategy. The buying cycle is where this has made its initial integration. Control has shifted from the business to the consumer and therefore, the buying cycle has changed. SEO leads the customer to a client, and the buying cycle is leading a new shift in business.

Google as Your Tour Guide

Google is becoming the guide to the organic movement. People are growing sick of the onslaught of emails and the tired old sales tactics. Google is guiding, with the help of SEO, a new generation of customers. When customers search they are looking for information and lots of it. They want the simplest form of what a product is at their fingertips. They do not want to be haggled and overwhelmed. To accommodate this trend, focus on what the customer wants and needs, do it on your customers' timetable and educate the buyers. This tactic is taking over sites from Utah to the nation's capitol.


Empowered Customers

The trend of organic searching is bringing out empowered customers. These customers search with intent to buy and SEO leads them to their destination. The new customer does not rely on being told what they want; instead they tell the world and its businesses what they want. Intelligent content is the best way to attract this kind of new customer. Utah customers and East Coast customers alike want to know about what they are buying and why they need it, so showcasing specialties and not being afraid to brag about the accomplishments and awards that a business receives is a plus.



SEO is hard to maintain. The world is changing and so is Google's front page. To avoid being left in the dust, it is important to have a strategy. SEO, whether it is attracting Utah buyers or not, needs to be efficient. Having a desirable look for all the SEO strategies can reflect upon the customer a certain degree of business expertise. To keep it all relevant and organic, the customer needs to see this expertise and keep the content fresh and relevant to the company's customers.


Ciera Putnam writes for Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah. Find her on Google +